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Lip Man 1
06-09-2007, 11:39 AM
June 10, 1952 - Sox outfielder Sam Mele sets the franchise record with six RBI’s in one inning! In the 6th inning of a game at Philadelphia, Mele hits a grand slam, then bats again and knocks in two more with a triple. The Sox would win it 15 - 4.

June 10, 1961 - With owner Bill Veeck in ill health, his group sells the White Sox to Chicagoan Art Allyn. Veeck only owned the club for two and a half years the first time around. (Veeck’s son Mike, talked specifically about what was wrong with his dad in his interview with White Sox Interactive.) On the same day of the sale, the Sox make an eight player deal that nets them pitchers Ray Herbert, Don Larsen and infielder Andy Caray from Kansas City. One week later the Sox began a twelve game winning streak that saved the season. Herbert would then go on to win twenty games in 1962.

June 10, 1964 - Sox manager Al Lopez is hanged in effigy in the players parking lot by angry fans. It all stemmed from the ‘feud’ that developed between Gold Glove outfielder Jim Landis and Sox management. Sox fans, along with sports reporter/columnist Bill Gleason organized a ‘Jim Landis Night’ for the player but it wasn’t recognized by the team and Landis was held out of the lineup (again) by Lopez in favor of "Minnie" Minoso. Sox fans showered the outfield with envelopes containing money for Landis only to have Minoso pick them up and tuck them into his pocket! (Landis talked about this ‘feud’ and the real reason as to how it got started, as opposed to the one often printed, in his interview with White Sox Interactive.)

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sure don't remember that '64 ordeal.....must have been crazy....thanks for another amazing tale....you're the best