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07-31-2001, 10:24 PM
Did you guys realize that one of the pitchers that we got in return, we had just given to the Dodgers last year? It even seems like a bigger screw job now.

From ESPN:
White Sox send James Baldwin to Dodgers for minor leaguers Onan Masaoka, Gary Majewski, and Jeff Barry.

Baldwin is the personification of erratic. I've liked him in the past, but I think he may end up being a disappointment for the Dodgers down the stretch. On the other hand, they didn't give up a ton to get him, and the rotation did need help after the injuries to Kevin Brown and Darren Dreifort. Masaoka is useful in the bullpen when his control is together. Majewski (who came to the Dodgers from the White Sox last winter) has a great arm, but posted a 6.00+ ERA at Vero Beach with poor K/BB numbers. Perhaps going back to his original organization will help him. Barry is a spare outfield part.