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05-31-2007, 05:57 PM
So I was just looking at Haeger's stats down in Charlotte and noticed he's doing awful.

Does anybody that sees him pitch on a regular basis have any idea what's wrong with him? Because after seeing him in the bigs last september I thought he had a helluva lot to offer and was really hoping he'd make the team out of spring training (and I still tihnk that having a knuckler pitch one inning and then throwing gas the next would be devastating).

05-31-2007, 06:04 PM
Looking at the same stats you are, it appears that he is throwing more hits per K and almost one walk per strikeout...for a rather high WHIP (walks+hits/innings pitched) of 1.69, 4th on the team behind Malone, Sisco, and Phillips. Knuckleballers typically struggle with control as pitches fly left and right, but he appears to be leaving too many pitches over the plate which are being smacked for hits. Opponents are batting over .275 against him which is a sign that he is leaving too many pitches where they can easily be hit. He has surrendered 6 homers this season, second to Phillips' massive 12, but that is also only 3 shy of his season total of 9 last year. To answer your question, I don't see him every day, but it appears he is just leaving too many pitches over the plate, most likely a lack of movement issue.