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Lip Man 1
05-12-2007, 12:16 PM
In every franchise's life there are certain dates that are more important then others...May 13th is one of those dates for the White Sox.

Among the day's events is the fact that 25 years ago, 'SportsVision' was born. It would revolutionize the way sports programming was delivered both locally and nationally. It also carried consequences far beyond anything that could possibly have been imagined by the front office / ownership at that time.
May 13, 1957 - Sox pitcher Billy Pierce becomes the first member of the team to ever appear on the cover of Sports Illustrated. The caption reads, "Pride Of Chicago Billy Pierce"

May 13, 1975 - Sox pitcher Jim Kaat’s 12 game winning streak ends as he’s beaten 3 - 2 in Baltimore (where else?) Kaat had won his first five decisions in 1975 and his final seven decisions in 1974. He’d become a twenty game winner in both seasons. (Katt talks about his days with the White Sox in his interview with White Sox Interactive.)

May 13, 1982 - "SportsVision" makes its debut. The first pay cable service devoted exclusively to sports begins operations with a game at Comiskey Park versus Milwaukee. The service is the brainchild of Eddie Einhorn and while brilliant, was ahead of its time. The technology, and more importantly, the attitude on the part of the fans, wasn’t ready to pay for something they had been getting for free all their lives. At best roughly 20,000 fans subscribed to it. The decision to go to a limited pay service caused popular announcer Harry Caray to leave the team and go to the Cubs despite an offer by the Sox that was worth more. For more on 'SportsVision', the history of Sox TV broadcasting and the consequences of the service over the next twenty years, click on this link:



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