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05-11-2007, 09:41 PM
Didn't find this elsewhere, but forum search was timing out for me -- I apologize if it's a duplicate thread.

The UofC student paper has an interview with BP executive VP Nate Silver (http://tinyurl.com/37xxzw) (http://tinyurl.com/37xxzw%29). He often comes across as smug (obviously), but it's interesting that, at least according to him, they've socialized w/ some of the Sox front office. He doesn't say exactly who.

We did do, actually, an alumni event with the White Sox a couple of years ago [in July 2005] and that was kind of fun, and I think we’re gonna do that again. We had a couple of Sox people talking about their side of things, and we talked about our side of things, and it was a lot fun. It was great too, because when we have pure Baseball Prospectus events…everyone’s a male between age 20 and age 45, basically, but at this U of C event we really had the whole demographics of the school, where you have a lot more women, a lot more people of different age ranges with their kids in tow, and stuff like that. Some of them might not be baseball freaks and just want to say “hey,” you know, meet a U of C guy who’s doing something interesting. There’s something different about it that’s kind of gratifying—that you’re able to make this stuff hopefully resonate a little bit with a larger segment of people.A little more of that humility, and maybe people wouldn't hate BP quite so much . . .