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03-27-2002, 10:28 PM
I will have the last week of spring training soon, I know there will be plenty of quotes. Here are the quotes from March 11-24. Enjoy: (stick this?)

“I’ve gotten a little older, a little wiser, a little smarter.”
-Frank Thomas, March 11
“I think that frickin (radar) gun is broken.”
-Jim Parque. March 13
“83-84 (MPH) is not going to scare people. It’s just not.”
-Nardi Contreras, March 13
“Friendships and all that stuff are dandy, but this is a business and we’ve got to win baseball games. And if Jimmy’s not ready, then Jimmy’s not ready.”
-Jerry Manual, March 13
“When Paul needs a rest, I’ll be there.”
-Frank Thomas, March 13
“I feel I can go back to my old self and do the things I’ve been doing. Chicago got me at the right time.”
-Kenny Lofton, March 16
“I’ll go out there and play hard, play 110 percent every day and maybe people can look at that and feed off that.”
-Kenny Lofton, March 16
“He better be able to play if he’s going out there flipping in the big leagues.”
-Jerry Manuel, March 16
“It (blond hair) is going back. I shouldn’t change things.”
-Mark Buehrle, March 17
“Right now, I don’t feel like I’m out of the running for April 3.”
-Jim Parque, March 17
“(Jim Parque) might be a starter, might be a reliever, might be a middle or short man. It remains to be seen.”
-Nardi Contreras, March 17
“If they go out and get somebody, I’m sure nobody is going to complain.”
-Mark Buehrle, March 17
“We’ll try and figure something out with Bob and try to get him back on track.”
-Jerry Manuel, March 17
“Unless I can start throwing the ball a heck of a lot better than I'm throwing it right now, there's not a single person who can blame him.”
-Bob Howry, March 18
“I feel no pain, no soreness, nothing.”
-Rocky Biddle, March 18
“This game has nothing to do with throwing hard. They know it, I know it, and everyone who’s in baseball knows it.”
-Jim Parque, March 18
“It was a horse-**** outing. Plain and simple. End of story.”
-Jon Rauch, March 19
“Everyone has been down, down, down on the ptichers. I could see them going into a shell. Every pitcher I see I say, ‘Keep getting your work in, keep busting your butt. It’s going to turn around.”
-Frank Thomas, March 19
“When I’m hungry, I eat anything. I don’t reject any food.”
-Sammy Sosa, March 20
''The really scary thought is if Bob is still trying to find it and one of us [other relievers] goes down.”
-Kelly Wunsch, March 21
“It’s going to be fun to see how much damage we can do and how many runs we can score.”
-Jose Valentin, March 23
“My job depends not on getting guys out but on velocity, (and) they don't even have a gun out there…I know I'm ready to go. I know I'm ready to pitch at the level and intensity that I pitched with in 2000” -Jim Parque, March 23
“We as a staff have to convince our young pitchers that we have confidence in them.”
-Jerry Manuel, March 24

03-28-2002, 08:10 AM
Sammy's quote says it all. It explains why he's such a fat a$$!