View Full Version : Review of Danks first win/Sox re-cap. Is Tom Singer REALLY an MLB writer??

05-10-2007, 01:54 AM
This was posted on the Sox official website after the game. It is probably still up there if you take a look, but if not, here is the link;


The man who wrote it is named TOM SINGER. I have read a few of his articles in the past and they were all similar in style to this.

The reason that I bring this up is because this is the fourth or fifth article of his that I have read that is FULL of grammatical errors and in-correct "facts".

I don't know how/why he keeps getting away with this!! Doesn't he have a boss?? Does he not in the very least have a proof-reader or spellcheck??

I was going to post below all of the errors, both of the grammatical and fact wise, but I thought that it would be more fun for you guys to read this and see just how many mistakes he has made.

I counted 3 fairly major mistakes, and I only gave it a once over. I'm sure that there is probably a few more.

I just find this to be unexceptable in a column written by a "professional" MLB beat writer.

Sure, I make mistakes here on WSI, so does everyone else. However, I am not being paid for my "thoughts". If I were, I would make damn sure that I got everything correct in my story before I posted it for the whole world to see!!!

Have a look-see, it's entertaining. But it is also sad. Sad that this guy has a job.

I have seen DOZENS of better writers here at WSI who should have this guy's job!


05-10-2007, 07:45 AM
That's unacceptable.

05-10-2007, 08:05 AM
When did the Sox sign Jose Uribe?

05-10-2007, 08:22 AM
THe bottom of the article pretty much sums it up:

Singer (tom.singer@mlb.com) is a reporter for MLB.com. This story was not subject to the approval of Major League Baseball or its clubs

In the past I have seen job announcements where mlb.com looks for writers. I'm pretty sure any baseball fan with a computer can get one of these jobs with a little luck. He must know somebody b/c he's obviously not a competent writer.

05-10-2007, 08:28 AM
:o: :o: :o:

Wow, this guy is a horrible writer! Not just gramatical errors, but his structure as well. The Indians are hurting with Wickman on the shelf too!

05-10-2007, 08:33 AM
The question is why is Juan Uribe constantly called Jose Uribe? Even during the playoffs!