View Full Version : party like it's 1959

03-27-2002, 05:38 AM
My brother & i came home from school, dad was at work, Mom
had the radio in the old hi fi to the Sox & Dodgers World
Series game........we listened intently as the go go Sox won!

We danced with Mom around the living room yelling & cheering,
Mom wasn't really a big Sox fan but Dad was & she was excited
for him having watched him suffer through all of those near
misses of the 50's.

She knew how he hated the Yanks & laughed at his friends
who were Cub fans. She knew that one of those trolley
dodgers was a friend of his, Gil Hodges had been his school
chum & basketball teamate........

this was a Sox fan's day in the sun & we thrilled to it!

can we party again in 2002? Is our pitchin' as good as the
damned Yankees? I doubt it, will it be in the Fall? I hope so

Mom & Dad are gone now but with "Spring hope springs
eternal" for Sox fans everywhere, I know the ol' man will
be watching....


03-27-2002, 06:31 AM
Good story. I wish i was around for hte last Sox series trip. I thought i'd see one in 83, but that fell short. That's a good point. The Sox's pitching isn't better then the YankMees, but can it be when it counts? That's the true meaning behind "Anything can happen in baseball".

03-27-2002, 06:34 AM
My nun in St. Brendan's School on the south side, Sister Mary of the Perpetual Ruler, brought a television into class for the first game of the 59 series. Man, what a game! Big Klu hits two home runs and the sox crush the dodgers.
This 2002 team, if it is going to make it to the World Series, is going to need pitching help. A couple of our young pitchers will have to have good years and the right trade will have to be made.