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Lip Man 1
05-04-2007, 12:02 PM
May 5, 1962 - Sox minority owners, headed up by William Bartholomay (who would later head up the group buying the Braves and moving them to Atlanta), sell their 46% shares of the team to majority owner Art Allyn. Itís the first time since 1939 the team has been owned by a single individual.

May 5, 1968 - Sox pitcher Gary Peters becomes the last pitcher to hit a grand slam for the franchise as he connects in the 4th inning of a 5 - 1 win over the Yankees at Comiskey Park. In addition he throws a complete game with nine strikeouts in the win. (Peters talked about his hitting and some of the memories associated with them in his interview with White Sox Interactive.)

http://i14.ebayimg.com/04/i/05/f4/cb/a0_2.JPG (http://cgi.ebay.com/1968-TOPPS-GARY-PETERS-210-NM-MT-WHITE-SOX_W0QQitemZ8751811258QQihZ014QQcategoryZ60496QQr dZ1QQssPageNameZWD1VQQcmdZViewItem#ebayphotohostin g)


05-04-2007, 02:50 PM
Did the Bartholomay group own shares under Veeck or the Comiskey's? Mr. Bartholomay became for Milwaukee, what Walter O'Malley was for Brooklyn.

Lip Man 1
05-04-2007, 03:07 PM

I think Bartholomy owner a small number of shares under the Comiskey family and saw that number increase under Veeck.


05-05-2007, 08:58 AM
Peters was frequently used as a pinch hitter on his off-days, that's how good he was with a bat. And if I remember correctly, didn't Peters once get slotted #7 in the batting order for the light-hitting Sox?

So who on the 2005 Sox would bat lower than Peters in the order? Players presently on AAA rosters don't count.


05-05-2007, 12:18 PM
May 5, 2007 - The White Sox come out of their offensive slump by scoring 20 runs against the LA Angels. From this point on, they would average 5.1 runs per game on their way to their second World Championship in three years.

Lip Man 1
05-05-2007, 12:30 PM

The "anniversary" of Peters hitting 6th is coming up soon so stay tuned.