View Full Version : Are we starting to get noticed again?

04-21-2007, 07:04 PM
A nice little article on how the Sox are looking like they're getting back to their ways of 2005.

The Chicago White Sox are showing some of the intrepid quality that was the hallmark of their 2005 championship season.

Their 7-5, 10-inning decision over the Detroit Tigers on Saturday was their fourth straight victory. But it was the way in which the Sox prevailed that was particularly heartening.http://chicago.whitesox.mlb.com/news/article_perspectives.jsp?ymd=20070421&content_id=1922518&vkey=perspectives&fext=.jsp

Ziggy S
04-21-2007, 07:30 PM
As far as getting attention from the national media, that's not something I'm completely worried about. Besides, this team performs best under a huge cloud of doubt from heinybirds and under the radar.

04-21-2007, 07:48 PM
I think we are getting a bit more attention now that we won the series in Detroit, won four straight games, Mark had a no-hiiter, and we are playing as good or maybe even better as the 2005 team. Hey, as long as we play great ball from now though the postseason, I don't give a hoot what the media says. Good words from them can always make me feel a little better, however.

04-21-2007, 07:50 PM
this team performs best under a huge cloud of doubt from heinybirds

:moron Somebody call?

Ziggy S
04-21-2007, 08:04 PM
:moron Somebody call?

He's the worst, but he's only one of many heinybirds nesting in the trees, trying to doom the Good Guys by dropping white colored negativity on the organization and the fans. The performance of the Good Guys in Black with these birds of prey benefits because when the heinybirds swoop over the Palehose the only way they can move is to fly around so many good they disappear into their fourth point of contact, to paraphrase the Hawk.

04-21-2007, 08:10 PM
As far as getting noticed goes, a pretty good barometer is the number of trolls (not only here at WSI but all over the internet) who pop up and try to rain on our parade.