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A. Cavatica
04-12-2007, 09:44 PM
This quote in another thread (predicting Haeger will not be with us next year) got me thinking.

He throws a knuckleball, Gio Gonzalez, Jack Egbert, Adam Russell, Lucas Harrell, Lance Broadway, Nick Masset, Gavin Floyd, Heath Phillips, Kyle McCulloch....

Who's going to have the best big league career? Just for kicks, rank Haeger and the nine pitchers above, based on who you think is going to have the best big-league career.

1. Gonzalez
2. Haeger
3. Masset
4. Egbert
5. Broadway
6. Russell
7. Floyd
8. Phillips
9. Harrell
10. McCulloch

04-12-2007, 09:58 PM
Haeger, Gonzalez, Masset, Russell, Broadway, Egbert, Floyd, Phillips, McCulloch, Harrell

I'll throw Wes Whisler in between Egbert and Floyd. Truthfully, what do I know? I've hardly seen these guys pitch. I can only go by scouting reports and stats.

04-12-2007, 10:39 PM
I think at some point the Sox are going to let Heath Phillips go. Either that or he will be a very small throw-in in a trade, but no matter what he will get with some crappy team and have a few decent seasons as a starter. I really think Heath is underrated as a pitcher and could be a nice option as a fifth starter on a decent team. Any soft-tosser who can go 13-5 in a bandox like Charlotte with a 2.96 ERA and only give up 12 HR's in 155 IP deserves to be considered an option, but I think with the Sox leaning towards power pitchers over the last year Heath isn't considered anything but filler.

Also, don't forget about Honel. Maybe he'll never make it, but if he stays healthy all year he could put up some nice numbers in Birmingham and hopefully raise his stock a whole lot.

But of all those guys mentioned, I think Adam Russel has the biggest chance to make an impact in the Sox rotation barring injury. After watching him in ST, I think this guy could be a force as a longman in the pen right now. Hopefully he has a great 2007 and gets a callup sometime in September.