View Full Version : Is wee-wille going to make the final cut?

03-17-2002, 01:19 AM
What do you think? This could get interesting. he could be a big part of this team off the bench.

03-17-2002, 02:10 AM
Originally posted by RedPinStripes
What do you think? This could get interesting. he could be a big part of this team off the bench.

imo..he's got to play full time to keep on developing..so if a situation doesnt develop where he can play everyday up here...send him to charlotte...today was the first time i saw him play...was i impressed with his speed...damm that guy is fast..and plays old school

03-17-2002, 02:26 AM
I was impressed by his 4 for 5. I was impressed by his aggressiveness on the basepaths. But even more, I was impressed that, when interviewed at the end of the game, he not only called Hawk and DJ "sir" but was most concerned by his failure to get a bunt down in the game.

A kid who is respectful and concerned about getting better rather than crowing about what he's done? Count me in.

Pete Ward
03-17-2002, 08:20 AM
I think Willie goes to Charlotte to play fulltime. He may be called up by June as the Sox grow tired of B.Simmons hitting like Ramirez at .178.

It may be even better he play all year at AAA to get ready to replace Ray Ray at 2b. If Borchard is headed to CF next year, Willie better be ready at 2B.

03-17-2002, 09:32 AM
Will Wee-Willie windup as the 2002 Julio Ramirez?

No, I don't think so, but Sox personnel seem to have fallen for Wee-Willie.

If Wee-Willie is not going to get regular playing time then he should be starting the season at AAA.

IF Wee makes the Sox, at least at the start of the season Wee-Willie would just be playing on occasion off the bench. IF that is what the Wee One is going to be - bench role player - I'd rather have Brian Simmons on the team. Simmons is our best fielder. The Sox have enuff offense.

03-17-2002, 10:21 AM
I voted, "No," because I think there is already too much of a numbers crunch. The Simmons/Rowand and Paul/Johnson/Alomar situations already eat up so many slots. With Leifer and Graffy givens to make the team, the only way for Harris to make the team is if another trade happens. I don't know if the Sox will do that. I think he starts the season in AAA, but I expect KW to be active in trades during the season (if needed), which may free up a slot for Harris later on if he can keep hitting the ball and stays positive. Heck, before Harris makes it as a bench player, they almost HAVE to take Crede - he was here first and has earned his shot even more than Harris has this spring, IMO.