View Full Version : How much do we have to pay Vazquez next year?

01-28-2007, 09:08 AM
Javier Vazquez p
4 years/$45M (2004-07)

acquired 12/05 after demanding trade 11/05, under right as player traded in middle of a multi-year contract (forfeited right to file for free agency again until after 2008 season)
Arizona to pay $5M of $24 remaining on Vazquez' contract as part of the trade (Arizona keeps $9M paid by the Yankees)
$2M signing bonus
04:$8.5M, 05:$10.5M, 06:$11.5M, 07:$12.5M, avoided arbitration 1 /04
NY Yankees to pay $9M ($3M/year) of 2005-07 salaries
1 year/$6M (2003), lost arbitration 2/03 ($7.15M-$6M)
1 year/$4.725M (2002), avoided arbitration 1 /02
1 yr/$2M (2001), lost arbitration $2.85M-$2M
agents: Levinson brothers
ML service: 8.141He can't become a FA until after 08, but his contract expires at the end of this season.

Assuming we couldn't cut him (if we wanted to) more than 20%, he would still be at $10 million (minimum) for 08, right?

01-28-2007, 10:35 AM
I believe he will be eligible for arbitration for the '08 season if he and the Sox don't otherwise agree to a new contract.

How much do we have to pay him? I suppose it will depend on how well he does in '07. Of course, even another mediocre season might still get him $10 million for '08.

I would be happy if both Buehrle and Vazquez had Cy Young caliber seasons if that helps the Sox win another trophy - even if the consequence is that MB will be gone and JV will get a fat raise for '08.