View Full Version : Question on MLB contracts

the gooch
01-09-2007, 01:06 PM
Kenny loves having option years with buyouts, and I've been frustrated seeing so many players leave the Sox in previous years and we get nothing in compensation picks. (I agree with all the personnel decisions, I just hate seeing nothing come back).

I remember Ivan Rodriguez signed a 1-year deal with FLA in '03 that stipulated the Marlins would not offer abritration when the contract ended. This forced Florida to try to resign him in a shorter space of time and they were not allowed a compensation pick because of it.

Boras never wants a team to offer arbitration because then the signing team loses a draft pick, which in turn lowers the amount a team is willing to offer (and also increases the amount the original team will spend if they get nothing in return). This also explains his tactics regarding Magglio.

My question for this thread is if contracts can involve arbitration decisions, can it be stipulated that the player will not accept the offered arbitration? What is the legality of this? Has the new CBA changed arbitration picks to where all this is a moot point?