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Fake Chet Lemon
12-21-2006, 08:36 PM
Kind of a "Duuuh, you didn't know that already Caple?" But still a decent read.

......Most teams have a distinct character, built up over the decades, a personality that persists almost without regard for actual record. The Twins will always be dependable Midwest farmers getting by on hard work, good soil and solid team fundamentals rather than stunning payrolls. The Athletics will always be West Coast free spirits going about the game their own way (whether that's drawing walks or drawing tattoos). The Yankees will always be pin-striped Gotham storm troopers dispatching opponents with cold corporate efficiency. The White Sox will always be the South Side blue-collar workers playing in the shadow of their yuppie northern neighbors. And for decades the Red Sox were the Calvinist, heroic underdogs always destined to fail tragically in the end.

12-22-2006, 01:07 PM
Being a Red Sox fan I hate articles like this because it is dead on the money.

My stock response is what does one really expect the Red Sox to do? Being in the same division as the Yankees pretty much forces them to spend more than any other team. While it is true that teams that have spent far less have gone on to the World Series the problem is you HAVE to get into the playoffs first. A 100 million dollar payroll will NOT win the AL East over 162 games. Playoffs are a different story.

When John Henry & company took the team over 5 years ago I feared that they would cut payroll because of the huge debt service they had on buying the team for $660 Million ( plus 40M is outstanding debt and 30M more mandated by the Commonwealth of Massachusetts to go to charity as they were NOT the high bidder and the Massachusetts Attorney General demanded the extra payment) But obviously they are flush with cash and Goldman-Sachs now estimates the team and NESN to be worth $1.3 BILLION having doubled in value in just 5 years.

The monster in this is NESN (New England Sports Network) and analysts now believe the cable station is worth more than the team itself. The team owns 80% of NESN ( The hockey Bruins the other 20% ) and the only reason the Red Sox still own NESN came from spite as John Harrington refused to sell NESN to Charles Dolan many years ago.

Dolan tried to destroy NESN when it started in 1984 by refusing to offer it on the Boston cable system he owned Cablevision. Dolan owned SportsChannel New England which carried the Celtics and Whalers and he thought he could bring the Red Sox and Bruins to their knees by not putting the channel on Cablevision. It almost worked. It wasn't until the middle of the 1986 season when the Mayor of Boston Ray Flynn ordered Cablevision to offer the channel or he would revoke the license. Dolan went on to create many SportsChannels around the country ( and bought out the White Sox owned SportsVision ) but Harrington and the Bruins refused to sell to him and kept the channel even though it wasn't making that much as a pay channel ($10 a month)

In 1998 NESN decided to become "basic cable" and became a monster overnight. NESN gets $2.25 a month from every cable and dish household in 5 1/2 states and it it supposed to go up to $ 2.60 in mid 2007.

But to maintain interest, keep the cable companies paying top dollar and to continue to charge the highest ticket prices in baseball, Boston has to win or it all falls apart. It won't change anytime soon and only promises to get worse when the new Yankee Stadium opens in 2009.

The irony

Fake Chet Lemon
12-23-2006, 11:06 PM
Thanks for the knowledge Fenway, good stuff.