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07-31-2001, 02:09 PM
We have a record of 32-14 against teams currently under .500. We also have a 19-38 record against teams over .500. The biggest reason of course is being 2-11 against the Twins. We get chance for some redemption this month with a fairly light schedule, minus the trip through the ALW. We are 8-16 against ALW teams. That's only because we are 4-2 against Texas. We somehow managed to scrape together a win against Seattle and Oakland and a couple against Anahiem. Cleveland has a pretty rough month with Oakland, Seattle, Minn, Texas Anaheim and Boston. If anyone still has a faint glimmer of hope, this month is probably our best remaining shot at making up some ground. If we can continue to dominate the lesser teams and play better against the .500 teams, we can make up some games while the Twins and Tribe beat up on each other. Then, if we can get close, we may have a chance at catching the Twins and Tribe in September when we play them both 6 more times. If nothing else maybe we'll get the chance to play spoilers and keep someone (hopefully Cleveland) out of the playoffs. Well, here's to the first day of the rest of the season! GO SOX!