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12-13-2006, 05:12 PM
I'm posting this for Lip.

December 14, 1965 - In an unexpected move the Sox name ĎThe Bratí Eddie Stanky as the teamís new manager replacing the retired Al Lopez. Stanky was an intense, obsessed man. He was the 60's managerial version of Billy Martin or Earl Weaver. Stanky knew baseball and was a genius at tactical decisions but he was also extremely unpopular with many of his players. He imposed a curfew, dress code and a rigorous calisthenics program on the team. He would fine players (or bench them) every time they werenít able to lay down a bunt, hit a sacrifice fly or advance runners into scoring position. (Many of his former players including Gary Peters, Pete Ward, Ken Berry, Wilbur Wood and Joe Horlen talk about their times with Stanky in their interviews with White Sox Interactive.)

December 14, 1994 - The Sox trade former Cy Young Award winner Jack McDowell to the Yankees for two minor league players. McDowell was the winningest pitcher in the American League between 1990 and 1994. The move leaves the Sox pitching staff without its leader, proves very costly during the 1996 collapse and is done purely for "financial" reasons related to the labor situation that costs the team the last two months of the 1994 season. (McDowell would discuss his issues with Sox ownership in his interview with White Sox Interactive.)