View Full Version : Theo gets roasted by Dan Shaughnessy

12-10-2006, 03:34 PM
Dan Shaugnessy joins the building chorus in Boston that Theo doesn't have a clue. If they botch the deal with Matsuzaka New England will explode.


After outbidding their closest competitor by more than $10 million in the Matsuzaka sweeps, the Sox committed $70 million to a passionless, often-hurt showcase warrior who did not appear to have any other suitors.

By any measurement, signing Drew to this ridiculous contract (one former GM predicts it'll go down as the worst contract signing in the history of baseball) is an admission that the Sox made the wrong move with Johnny Damon -- a player who demonstrated that he could perform in the Boston fishbowl.

Let's not forget Julio Lugo. After being committed to defense in 2006, the Sox junked super-glove Alex Gonzalez in favor of a wall-banging shortstop who is going to make a lot of errors. At a fee of $36 million