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12-06-2006, 02:37 AM
Lip and a few other posters touched on the players who got away in a few trades.

In his definitive book on White Sox history "Who's On Third," historian Rich Lindberg put forth this dream lineup for Opening Day 1964, which could have been fielded for the offensively-challenged franchise: Don Buford, 2B; Floyd Robinson, CF; Johnny Callison, LF; Rocky Colavito, RF; Norm Cash, 1B; Pete Ward, 3B; Earl Battey, C; Ron Hansen, SS; Denny McLain, P.

In this book, later on, Lindberg theorizes that when Veeck bought the team for the 2nd team in 1975, he was saving the team from himself because his trades during his first ownership had a negative long-term impact on the franchise.