View Full Version : Observations from Spring Training

03-07-2002, 12:33 PM
To start off it was great seeing the Sox stick it to the Cubs even if it were just a spring training game. I was able to catch both games on Tuesday seeing the Sox pound the Cubs 20-6 at Mesa, and then lose to the D Backs at Tuscon. I didn't have any problems with Cub fans at Mesa since most were above 60 years old there. There was one lady however who kept insisting that Paul Konerko was a 3rd baseman (even though he played a little 3rd for Cinci's farm team i had to set here straight). I only heard one quote about how we don't fill up our stadium and then as the game continue and the Sox had that great 5th inning off of who else but Flash Gordon the Cubs fans shut up for the most part.

Anyway on to the Observations

Manos struck out three times all on low changeups, he did have a nice triple in that fifth inning however.

Hummel his late inning replacement has been making contact and getting hits in every game and has been looking sharp, I'd consider leaving Manos at third and bring this Hummel guy at short if a Clayton trade were made.

On the topic of Clayton he made a boneheaded running mistake rounding second after a throw home which held alomar jr. at third. I wasn't quite sure if it was his fault or waving wallys.

Some guys who impressed: Brian Simmons went 4 for 6 on the game, I believe he's winning the battle to back up Lofton, at the game at Tuscon Willie harris was playing second and while he's becoming sort of a fan favorite at the park his defense left much to be desired. Fans were shouting phrases like "Comiskey Willie!!" and "Cooperstown Willie" as he came to bat. # 50 Mitch Wiley replaced Garland and had two 3 up 3 down innings against the Cubs starters.

Who didn't Impress: Corwin Malone, All i know is Peter Gammons is pretty high on this guy suggesting that he'll be in the rotation by mid season, that may be true but he just got hammered by the Cubs but there is still plenty of spring training left. Onin Masaoko, we're still waiting to find that lefty who'll step up and compliment wunsch. Masaoka couldn't buy a strike in the game against the D Backs and was in for 2 long innings in which the D Backs did most of their damage. I hope we're not hurting this guys confidence by leaving him in for so long.

Kudos Go Out To: Jason Dellaero, I finally saw him get a hit after years of catching spring training games, he hit a nice liner over the shortstops head that fell in for a hit.

It was a good time as always but i left Tuscon feeling like they still need players to step up if this is to be our season.