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Lip Man 1
11-26-2006, 12:03 PM
November 27, 1938 - Sox star pitcher Monty Stratton, an American League All Star in 1937 and one of the best young players in the game, accidentally shoots himself in the leg when his .32 caliber pistol discharges when he was replacing it in his holster. Stratton had been out hunting. Unable to get help, he crawled a half mile to a road leading into Greenville, Texas. The bullet pierced a femoral artery which stopped circulation to the limb and it had to be amputated. His four year career was ended. He eventually came back to play in a few minor league games using a wooden leg. In 1948 Hollywood made ‘The Stratton Story,’ starring Jimmy Stewart, June Allyson and former Sox manager Jimmy Dykes.

November 27, 1951 - Another one of Frank Lane’s best deals. On this date, Lane sent five players to the St. Louis Browns for three players, one of whom would be catcher Sherm Lollar. Lollar would become a five time All Star and a three time Gold Glove winner. Of the players sent to St. Louis, one of them, "Jungle" Jim Rivera, would be reacquired by the Sox that July.

November 27, 1961 - In a bizarre coincidence both "Minnie" Minoso and Joe Cunningham were at the same sports banquet in Joliet when word came that the Sox and Cardinals had made a trade. The deal was Minoso for Cunningham! Cunningham became perhaps the finest fielding first baseman in franchise history ranking right up there with Joe Kuhel and Tony Muser. In 1962 Joe would reach base 268 times and lead the Sox in walks, runs, sacrifice flies and bunts.

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