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Lip Man 1
11-09-2006, 11:12 AM
November 10, 1948 - New Sox G.M. Frank ĎTraderí Lane makes his first deal and itís a beauty. Lane trades backup catcher Aaron Robinson to the Tigers for a young left handed pitcher named Billy Pierce. Pierce would become arguably the finest left hander in White Sox history. He won 186 games in a Sox uniform with two twenty win seasons, seven All Star selections and four one hitters. (Pierce talks about the trade and the many years spent on the South Side in his interview with White Sox Interactive.)

November 10, 1993 - Frank Thomas wins his first MVP award on the strength of a .317 batting average with 41 home runs and 128 RBIís, helping the Sox win the Western Division title and a berth in the A.L.C.S.

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