View Full Version : Da Reverand speaketh...Fall Sermon

10-31-2006, 04:00 PM
My fellow Soxens
Unite togetha as onea in dis offa seasona!!!
Put your faith in da delicate hands of a one Kenny Da Dealer Williams.
For it is this mere individuala that will transport, our very loved
Band of men into the finest tuned Baseball Machinea
Dat Baseball has eva seen !!!!

His wisdom and knowledge, along wit the smarts and brilliance
of us- Da white sox fandom community.
in its everlasting belief in da baseball Gods
will helpa in dis transformation, of a very good, but problematic
baseball club- to the heights of top of da world
the peak of da baseball mountain
called Da world series champeens!!!!

If a certain red titmouse from the show me state
can a win the biggest prize in all of sports
then a Giant dressed in Black and Silver
Can and Will reclaim their place in baseball history.

You rememba dat feeling- Dontcha?
That feeling of spine tingling emotional uprising
That feeling knowing your team
your family, is da best in all the universe's!!!

So hold your heads up collectively
as we all walk da streets during
the fall and winter months
Knowing that on da southside
Kenny Williams is colaborating with da baseball Gods
And is shaping the creation
of not only another championship teama!

But shaping the Future of All of Baseball
As the Chisox, will soon embark
on the road of being the benchmark
of all teams- one that all organization'sa
will try to emulate.

Teams will proclaim all ova this nation
from santa claus, indiana to mission viejo
"We want to be the best, the finest, the Supreme tamale"

so as sox fans- be proud with this
knowledge, that the thirst has begun
to be known once again
as Da Champions of Baseball
the 2007 Chicago White Sox.

You might not immediately agree
with everything KW does
but sit back and evaluate his moves
in Da BIG picture.
As the gift of knowledge
Mr williams posesses, has been
handed down from a much greater power!

For Kenny knows what he is doing
For his fans- his teams fans-his team
And in the long run, at next Octubre's end
We will once againa, be exhuberating
in joyous celebration
For The Title that is RIGHTFULLY ours

Have a great winter my fellow
brotha's n sista's of the black n silva
feel free to spread da everlasting optomism
of da reverand amongst other soxfans
Hallelulajah- the Soxside will rise Again.
"Peace" my Flock of Believers.
....Da reverand

10-31-2006, 04:02 PM
I love the Sox...
...and if loving the Sox is wrong...
...then I don't want to be right.


Baby Fisk
10-31-2006, 06:59 PM
Hey! Who took the GD collection plate?! That's the Ichiro fund you bastards!

10-31-2006, 07:10 PM