View Full Version : Uribe struck/pushed/hit ESPN Deportes Reporter

10-17-2006, 05:44 PM
Coming out of the hearing or questioning (2 hours long)...this was reported on my local ESPN AM channel here in Kansas City during one of the "SportsCenter" news briefs.

Has this been corroborated? Or just the fact that he was free to leave but 'still a suspect.'

The way they stated it was that it was "directed at the face" of the reporter...whatever aggressive gesture it was. We don't need if he was surrounded by writers and was just trying to clear his way through if he was questioned by the specific reporter and became angry, which I doubt is the story.

Not the first time we've had a problem with one of their reporters this year...Ozzie Guillen was terribly misquoted once and it led to all kinds of ancillary issues.