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Baby Fisk
10-11-2006, 10:23 AM
Totally Biased Game Recap: October 11, 1906

The Ballad of Big Ed

Chicago White Stockings at Chicago Cubs, West Side Park

Short take: Ed Walsh hoists the team on his back, and George Rohe knocks the stuffing out of those cuddly Cubs for a White Stockings Winner.


When the south side nine were down,
Mauled, beaten and left for dead,
One mighty man turned their fortunes around,
The marvel that's known as Big Ed!

After laying a severe beating upon their Chicago opposites, the west side Cubs looked to have a lock on this World Series, and the south side nine appeared to be bound for a quick defeat. A crowd of 13,667 was on hand at the Cubs' home field for Game Three, gleefully anticipating another massacre.

Many fans carried with them the latest novelty: stuffed bears of all shapes and sizes, symbolic of their nauseously adorable team. But Charles Comiskey's tenacious White Stockings hauled themselves back into the Series lead with a glorious 3-0 win.

After the White Stockings went down 1-2-3 in the first inning against lefty Jack Pfiester, the Cubs stood in against Comiskey's 17-game winner, Ed Walsh. Solly Hofman led off with a base hit, but was caught stealing. This proved to be an early break for Walsh, who gave up a two-base hit to Frank Schulte that would have easily brought Hofman home.

When the Cubs led off with two hits,
It looked like a long afternoon ahead,
But turns out they would be the only two hits,
Given up on this day by Big Ed!

A pitchers' duel ensued. Through the second, third, fourth and fifth innings, neither team would be able to get a run home.

(The gooseggs on the board may have had something to do with a chicken that got onto the field early in the game. No man claimed ownership of the fine hen, and she pecked about in the outfield. Fielders did their best to avoid the little lady, and there she remained until Nick Altrock finally shooed her off the field before the sixth inning -- an inning that proved critical this day. It was as if the Cubs' luck was fatally altered by the exodus of a barnyard animal from their premises... but such beliefs are for weaker minds than ours, kind friends...)

White Stockings shortstop Lee Tannehill made a base hit and Walsh was up next. Boneheaded Pfiester pitched to him too cautiously and Walsh was aboard with a walk, Tannehill to second. What followed next was not a sight for sensitive eyes.

Rightfielder Ed Hahn stood in, but was hit in the face by a high inside curve that didn't. Hahn went down with a bloodied face, punctuated by a broken nose. He was helped off the field. His face was swaddled in sweaters, and he was walked to nearby Cook County Hospital. Meanwhile, sturdy, handsome Canadian Bill O'Neill entered the game and took Hahn's place on first.

But it seemed the life had gone out of Hahn’s teammates. Centerfielder/manager Fielder Jones popped out behind home plate for the first out of the inning. Second baseman Frank Isbell could do no better and struck out. Comiskey’s boys had loaded the bases, but Pfiester and the Cubs were about to escape the jam. The boisterous Cub faithful could sense the big momentum shift.

White Stockings third baseman George Rohe stepped up to the plate. The boisterous Cub faithful cheered on their man Pfiester. He wound up and delivered to Rohe. Rohe swung mightily...and connected! Pfiester's pitch went screaming into left field. It bounced and bounded into the crowd. The baserunners looked to the umpires...and they were all waved home. Rohe had made a devastating three-base hit! The boisterous Cub faithful had their hearts shattered. The score was 3-0 for the visitors, and the momentum was back on their side.

From that point on, Walsh and the White Stockings were irresistible! Big Ed ended up with 12 strikeouts on the day and a complete game shutout to give his team a 2-1 lead in this Series. Game Four will be back at South Side Park, with a rematch of opening game starters Nick Altrock and Mordecai "Three Finger" Brown.

White Sox fans can shout and scream,
We're out of the darkness, a light is ahead,
And for crushing the Cubbie faithful's dreams,
We all give great thanks to Big Ed!


How was the trophy earned today? Near-perfect pitching and a timely three-base hit.

Pick to Click Winner: Ed Walsh.
He tossed a complete game shutout to put the "Sox" ahead in this Series.


10-11-2006, 10:53 AM
Sure, three runs today, but probably none tomorrow. This is an all or nothing team.

10-11-2006, 11:30 AM
Sure, three runs today, but probably none tomorrow. This is an all or nothing team.

I don't know... I think Frank Isbell is going to have his first homer of the season tomorrow. No way he goes 0-4.


the gooch
10-11-2006, 12:01 PM
i tried using babyfisk's sig to get my pick to click. Alas, the sturdy, handsome Canadian did not receive preferential treatment from one of his fellow citizens.