View Full Version : Shu The Next D-Back GM?

03-01-2002, 01:00 PM

"Limo service: Former White Sox general manager Ron Schueler, now an adviser to Chairman Jerry Reinsdorf, was spotted sitting in his golf cart outside the Arizona Diamondbacks' clubhouse Thursday.

"Attempting to stop a rumor before it started, Schueler explained he was "chauffeuring" radio analyst Ed Farmer around on his cart and was waiting for him.

"Schueler's contract with the Sox expires after this season, and he has professed a desire to return to the front office somewhere. Having recently bought a home in the Phoenix area, Schueler could be interested in the Arizona job if current GM Joe Garagiola Jr. gets kicked upstairs."

How many of the key WS personnel are Schu Guys? IF Schu takes a job as GM with Arizona or some other team I hope he doesn't take Sox personnel with him.

I hope that Schu sticks around with the Sox.

03-01-2002, 01:02 PM
Couldn't we just fire K-Willy and get Shu back in here? It's not like Williams has done anything. If he runs off for the D-Backs job he deserves what he gets. A weak organization that has nothing below the major league level and all the talent over 33. It'll take years to rebuild that team now that they hit their peak in the WS last year.