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07-30-2001, 02:16 PM
In light of recent ramblings about retirement and the Reds looking to dump salary, I started thinking about what his future might hold. If Griffey is complaining this much about his current team, then clearly they are not living up to the promise they made him upon his trade to the Reds.

Sure, he wanted to train closer to his Spring home in Florida, play closer to family in Cincinnatti. But the Reds are a long way from contending. Look at the roster. Griffey will be 32 next season, time is ticking.

Griffey wants to win, and I think he would sacrifice the desire to be in Orlando for an extra month in the spring to play for a contender. His current griping about the Reds front office is telling of his desire to win.

I also don't think the price to Cincinnatti would be that high to get him. This is not a deadline deal for 2001 but a 2001 Winter Meeting deal. And Griffey comes at a $9 million price tag (same as D. Wells, no more than Thomas)

Trade: Carlos Lee and Jim Parque to Reds for Griffey (provided he is healthy).

I love Caballo and think he's an All-Star, but you have Borchard in AA, and he may be a more complete player than Lee. Borchard is not a centerfielder, and right is locked up for Maggs through 2004. Something has got to give in left. Lee is not a first baseman. If he can play third, why have we been platooning between Liefer, Manos, and Perry or talking about Crede?

Parque is essential to the deal, because the NL Central is absolutely void of starting lefty pitchers. He isn't bad, but Buehrle is far better.

A deal like this sends a statement for 2002 not only to the league, but to the fans. Face it, in the Cubdome that we live in, the Sox need a headliner. Mearly winning the division in 2000 was not enough, they also needed a marketable star. They thought David Wells was it.

Imagine the lineup: Durham, Valentin, Thomas, Griffey, Ordonez, Konerko, Borchard, Crede, Alomar/Johnson. Manuel would be shot for tinkering with that lineup.

And with the Sox young pitching, and the bullpen guys (Osuna, Wunsch, Simas, Barcelo) coming back healthy in 2002?


In know this would never happen, but it always nice to dream.

07-30-2001, 02:59 PM
Anything's possible, I just think the Reds would want more than that.