View Full Version : Fehr's comments on negotiations

02-24-2002, 03:23 PM
And that talks will resume soon.


02-24-2002, 03:37 PM
I may be wrong, but it seems the two sides are positioning themselves for meeting in the middle on these negotiations. That's a very positive sign. Historically, they've positioned themselves for a work stoppage. Perhaps cooler heads will prevail.

Specifically, the union is offering a modest increase in revenue sharing to 22.5 percent. The owners want 50 percent. The owners keep talking about "luxury tax" on payroll, too. That's the part that the union will never give in on. Payroll taxes simply transfer money from the players' pocket to the owners'. There is no upside for either fans or players to such an arrangement.

So, by offering a modest increase in revenue sharing, the union is telegraphing their willingness to compromise in this area. Meanwhile, the owners are using the "luxury tax" issue to leverage favorable terms elsewhere in negotiations.

The solution is easy. Pick a revenue sharing percentage that each side can live with and drop (or severely limit) any stipulations regarding payroll taxes. Sign the deal, and get on with business of making money. That's all a friggin' collective bargaining agreement is good for, anyway.

I'm becoming very hopeful about prospects for a peaceful settlement. I hope Bud continues to keep the damned hawks in his ranks in check. The less you hear about negotiations in the paper, the better the signs are that each side is serious about doing the deal.

"You know me. I'm really feeling warm and fuzzy on the whole labor negotiation front."