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02-22-2002, 04:59 AM

I read your latest article and the one before it in which you said
that the Chicago media ignored your book. Have you sent any
copies to John Kass at the Trib or Richard Roeper at the S-T?
They are huge Sox fans and have written about them on
several occasions. They might crack open the book and give
it a look. If you already have, then I apologize for giving you
useless info, it's just that you didn't specify if you had sent them
a copy or not. You only mentioned that goof Mariotti and you know he isn't going to mention anything if it doesn't even come
close to worshipping St. Sammy of Sosa.

02-23-2002, 10:39 AM
I want to take this opportunity to thank Dan for writing his book "Through Hope and Despair". I purchased it this past January (a couple of copies mind you.....just had to give one to my fellow Sox pal Flea Market Ray)

Excellent book Dan, I enjoyed it immensely! The period you wrote about encompasses the years I've followed the team! It was well written and researched. It brought back memories of events and occurrences long forgotten over the fog of time!

So far this past offseason I've read 3 books on the Sox. 1) 1959 Summer of the Sox by Bob Vanderberg 2) Through Hope and Despair by Dan Helpingstine 3) Lil Nel by David Gough and Jim Bard

Other Sox books I've read and highly recommend.

1) White Sox Encyclopedia by Rich Lindberg
2) Sox from Lane to Fain and Zisk to Fisk by B. Vanderberg
3) Stealing 1st in a 2 Team Town by R. Lindberg
4) Minnie and the Mick by B. Vanderberg
5) Eight Men Out by Eliot Asinof

So right there you have 8 excellent books about the White Sox. If you guys know of any others let me know.