View Full Version : Rearrange the deck chairs?

Save McCuddy's
07-26-2006, 10:59 PM
It's a bit ironic that the teams that have steamrolled us down from behind have both suffered substantial injuries in the past two months. Not to mention the fact that the Tigers who we trail lost Maroth in the same time frame.

Meanwhile, we who were thought to be the best team in baseball have remained remarkably healthy yet can't win for losing. I'm not trying to suggest that someone break, say, Dye's arm between a few bed slats ala the movie "Victory" just to get Stallone into the line-up and secure the French Foreign Legion's assistance in escaping from the diabloical Nazi's. No, my plan features less violence and far less soccer.

Trade Vazquez. I'm not even certain what he'll yield, but it's time to get McCarthy into the rotation. For one thing, it would help to get younger and cheaper for the next few seasons as the Twins and Tigers staffs are young and loaded. The sooner you use McCarthy in the rotation, the sooner he'll obtain the experience to blossom. Just recall how long it took Garland to break out. No matter what you get back for Vazquez, the shift in personnel has the potential to spark the club. Either McCarthy himself may pitch brilliantly down the stretch, or the chemistry change could lead someone else to get hot. The risk, trading a guy whose AL track record is dubious at best, is minimal.

Get bold Kenny. Obviously dismissing Widger wasn't enough of an alarm.