View Full Version : Keep The Faith

07-26-2006, 06:03 PM
Last year the planets and stars all aligned just right, and the Sox took advantage of it. All of the little things went our way on the ride of a lifetime. Not so this year.

The unconciously perfect baseball being played by the Tigers and Twins right now is mind boggling. Can they keep it up over the next 60 games? We will all witness baseball history if they do and I will tip my cap to them.

At the beginning of the year, there wasn't a man who could argue that the team's pickups made them better than last year. It is my frame of mind to trust the guys. Don’t change a thing. These are the same guys who found the way last year and experienced it's success. I have to believe it still lies within.

As Jim Finks once said during a tough stretch many years ago as a GM, “You have to keep sawing wood.” And he was right. Hard work, a level head, and a no quit attitude will either find the ball finally bouncing our way and ending the skid; - or, as the marketing program so aptly pushed Grinder Rules, the team will "....die trying."

The character of the guys on the team tells me to play the cards you have assembled. There will be no shame in the effort. Regardless, no one can ever take away last year.