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07-26-2006, 03:28 PM
1) If Brandon Mccarthy is so valued around the league, and the opportunity to acquire a difference maker whether its a pitcher or hitter make the move. Sure Fingernails on a blackboard looks like a pitcher with potential to be a stud but does anyone remember Scott Ruffcorn, Arnie Munoz and Jon Rausch? They were valued by GMs everywhere until the entered the rotation then, such as in Rausch's case, they struggle, prove not to be as good as hoped and we end up with a Carl Everett.

2) Let the team go back to how it was last year. If they wanna grow hair down to their ass, if they wanna have a 3 colored beard or if they wanna slip-n-slide on the tarp let them. This team doesn't appear to be having as much fun as last year. It appears Mark hasn't really been sharp in a while it looks like he lost his smile out there. We are not the Yankees and never will be, stop acting like it.

3) Ozzie stop over managing, and stop having so much faith in your rotation. Mark, Jose and Jon have proven that they can get out of jams even though Mark hasn't shown that in a while, on the other hand Javy has proven he can dominate for 5 innings, but after that he is toast. If you have to come the 6th have a short leash on Javy. Runner gets on pull him, but if its 8-2 Sox then let him pitch. Also I don't want to see anymore 3-4 pitcher innings. I feel pretty confident in any of our bullpen guys against both lefties and righties.

4) Podsednik stop trying to drive the ball. Your not a 3-4-5 guy your a leadoff hitter not named Soriano. Try bunting for singles like last year. Try poking balls down the 3rd base line or yanking a ball down the 1st. Sure its nice when once in a while you gap a ball or get a homer, however the outs you makre trying for them hurt us more than the homers and gappers have helped. Your job get on base and steal bases. Also its not illegal to swing with 2 strikes, despite what you might think.

5)Tadahito Iguchi has been playing great defense this season. His offensive numbers look solid however a bit distorted. Right now he is sitting at 11 hrs and 43 rbi's. However if you take out the May 20th game against the Cubs ( 2 hrs 6 rbis) and the June 25th game against the Astros ( 2 hrs and 7 rbis) he has only 7 hrs and 30 rbis. We need more production out Tadahito.

6) Finally Neal Cotts was so dominant last year. This season it appears he has started to adopt his Damaso role. Sure his era ain't bad but it appears every time he inherits runners they come in to score. They added the stat of holds for relief pitchers I say a RP inherited runners ERA stat should be added to truly get an idea of how good a RP is not his true era.

07-26-2006, 03:44 PM
Now for a possible positive. Last August we went 12-16. If we lose today we will be 7-14 this month. Hopefully this our only bad month for the season.