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07-29-2001, 09:41 PM
From The Baseball Prospectus:
(The site that Kermit lives for)

Traded RHP James Baldwin to the Dodgers for RHP Gary Majewski, LHP Onan Masaoka and 1B/OF-B Jeff Barry; recalled RHP Josh Fogg from Charlotte. [7/26]

Optioned RHP Josh Fogg to Charlotte; purchased the contract of RHP Dan Wright from Birmingham (Double-A). [7/27]

A lot of people have been quick to talk about what an even-keeled, stand-up guy James Baldwin has been in the White Sox clubhouse, but on an organizational level or from a long-term viewpoint, Baldwin is a pitcher who can drive you up a wall. His inability to put any of his famous great halves together with anything but one of his equally famous horrendous halves is the difference between being amply compensated and being fabulously wealthy, famous, and in the current situation, worth a lot of goodies in trade. But because he's J.B., Superflake by performance if not by reputation, the White Sox weren't able to get as much as they might have reaped with a healthy David Wells.

Having lost Jumbo, the White Sox weren't any more likely to chase down the Twins and Indians with J.B. starting every fifth day, and the real pain isn't in hurting anyone's feelings by trading Baldwin, but in not taking the opportunity to make significant gains in talent for 2002 and beyond. The Twins don't look like a long-term powerhouse, and for the Indians, this could be it. The White Sox should have been in a position to liquidate some assets and add some talent, but injuries prevented that. Now the most you can claim is that the White Sox have gotten some valuable experience for their young, both on the pitching staff and in the front office.

On that front, Kenny Williams is reaping the bitter fruit of his humiliation of Gord Ash last winter, because with the question of whether he was getting Halle Berry, Jon Berry, Chuck Berry, or boysenberry, he seems to have wound up with the next-to-worst Barry besides beri-beri. While some might blame Williams for making a tremendous mistake, we're talking about two months of James Baldwin's time here, not Roger Clemens's, and the tradeoff is whether or not the draft pick J.B. would have yielded would be better than Onan Masaoka and Gary Majewski.

Although Majewski was having a terrible season in Vero Beach after being traded to the Dodgers before the season began (a 6.24 ERA and nearly two baserunners per inning), he had an outstanding 2000 in the White Sox organization, he's 21, and he throws a hard sinker. Onan Masaoka is definitely worth taking a flyer on despite his lackluster season at Las Vegas (5.55 ERA while pitching mostly out of the bullpen). He throws hard and is sort of similar to Ron Villone in that he's really more than a situational left-hander in the making, but less than a starting pitcher. Just as it was worthwhile to take a look-see with Alan Embree, it's worth seeing if Masaoka can be...handy.

Danny Wright joins the rotation behind Kip Wells, Mark Buehrle, Jon Garland, and Sean Lowe. At Birmingham, Wright went 7-7 with a 2.82 ERA, allowing 112 hits in 134 innings with only 41 walks and 128 strikeouts. Other than Jon Rauch, Wright might be the best piece of scouting from among the Sox's numerous talented young pitchers. He wasn't good at the University of Arkansas, but the Sox have done a great job with harnessing his curve to supplement his mid-90s heat, improving his mechanics and eliminating the control problems that dogged him initially. While jumping from Double-A to the majors sounds tough, the Sox did a good job with Mark Buehrle in similar circumstances last year.

If David Wells's option gets picked up, it will be a major surprise, which puts Jumbo in the tough situation of having to potentially eat his words about retiring, after already having to eat crow on the subject of playing hurt.

07-29-2001, 09:45 PM
informative article.

i respect those sabre guys.

07-29-2001, 09:48 PM
I will be really surprised if the Sox pickup Wells option for next year,I think he will retire.

07-29-2001, 10:04 PM
I will be really surprised if the Sox pickup Wells option for next year,I think he will retire.

I agree I think he will hang it up.

07-29-2001, 10:14 PM
I think he'll pitch - but for someone else - and for a lot less bucks.
I just started reading your site, jerry the other day. Based on this analysis first published in January, they are either right on the mark or I like them because they analyze things the same way I do:

"There you have it, the last of the bad moves that will artificially hinder the Sox offense in 2001. Behind the pickups of Royce Clayton and Sandy Alomar Jr., having Baines on the roster would give the Sox three reliably bad hitters in the lineup. Jose Valentin will almost have to lose ground, and Chris Singleton is Chris Singleton. Paul Konerko might get to rust on the bench if he isn't traded because of his arbitration case. It isn't hard to get cranky about what the White Sox have done. "

07-29-2001, 10:33 PM
I just started reading your site, jerry the other day.

Is ths some kind of an inside joke?
I don't have a site.

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sorry, the site you linked/quoted above.

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Originally posted by Jerry_Manuel

Is ths some kind of an inside joke?
I don't have a site.

I do!
doublem23's site (http://www.geocities.com/doublem23)

Sorry I haven't updated in a while, but that trip to St. Louis has taken the energy out of me.