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07-29-2001, 09:29 PM
The reason he seems to have so many options is that we have so many weaknesses - not because we have a surplus of talent.

Valentin is really the only versatile player who can play a number of positions. He is a better hitter than our ss or either of the 3b suspects, so he moves him around.

At catcher, we have two adequate bodies, so i can understand why he switches them around.

At third, we have an average herb perry who hasn't produced much this year, or a gawky liefer who also hasn't produced much, but is young.

At DH, we spent half the year with a poor guy who made minnie minoso at the age of 50 look like a slugger. Now his options are an over the hill conseco or a young, but inconsistent liefer.

At Centerfield, I will agree that Rowand is the clear choice. Why he insists on playing singleton is a mystery.

Manuel has been consistent with his rotation.

In the bullpen, he hasn't had a decent lefty all year. I can't blame him for trying to use embree for more than one batter - geeze, one batter a game hamstrings a manager.

Overall, i have a lot of issues with manuel's strategy.

But he has a weak bench and weak starters in many positions; so, I can't overly criticize him using different lineups.

07-30-2001, 02:47 AM
I agree. I hear talk about how he has too much versatility. He doesn't, he has too much crap and nobody is really too much better right now. Quite frankly without Thomas in the line up to make everyone around him better there is very little on this team. No lead off man. I like Ray Durham but untill somebody tells him he is no friggin homerun hitter he needs to be benched. The season in over lets poor some hot coffee down everyones pants. Ray get on base and steal, don't friggin strike out! Leifer is bad at everything except the occasional homer. He is not versitile on D he just sucks equally bad everywhere. He bats .230, strikes out all the time and doesn't get on base why do people think 11 stupid homeruns merrit him a spot. I don't care if he's 4 or 40 when you have a bad player...DON''T play him?
Canseco has a few HRs but only one when it mattered and how many strike outs when it mattered? Anyone see Trot Nixon today? speed and defence decent average and 16hrs I would like to see more Sox with talent like that. Our team is slow, if you can't run on SCOTT ASS HATTEBURG the worst catcher since my grandmother who can you run on. Ray bunting with no out 1 on 1st? No steal that base he has only 4 caught all year! ARRRGH! so much rage so much crap!

07-30-2001, 11:44 AM
Its not that he uses his options, its that he makes no sense, with his decisions.

07-30-2001, 12:24 PM
At Centerfield, I will agree that Rowand is the clear choice. Why he insists on playing singleton is a mystery.

Singleton's playing because he went in to Manuel and talked(cried) about his playing time, so now the soft hearted Manuel feels bad for him and wants to get him playing time.

07-30-2001, 05:25 PM
Singleton plays because Rowand is not a CF and can be a defensive liability at the position.I agreed with Singleton playing CF at fenway,that is one of the hardest outfeilds in the league to play.