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07-22-2006, 04:30 AM
South Side Faithful,

While I admit I am fairly new to this board from a participation aspect, I can honestly say I have been an avid White Sox fan for nearly 15 years, and was introduced to this community by a close friend and fellow WSI'er in early '03. From that point forward I began to treat White Sox Interactive as my number one resource for all that is White Sox baseball, and continue to frequent the site on multiple occasions each day to view what I believe to be unique perspectives from fans who truly have an educated understanding of the game (for the most part...:)) In an effort to start giving back to board members and to White Sox fans across the country, I felt as though I would begin by contributing exclusive, unedited, and pointed post-game audio from Sox players, coaches and front office staff following games for the remainder of the season. While I cannot promise this will be the case following every contest, I will try to the greatest extent possible to provide this community with insight directly from the source itself. The White Sox are currently experiencing an extremely trying time in their '06 campaign, and as a result, I felt as though everyone here has the right to know what Ozzie himself believes the future will hold, as well as what his approach will be.

Included in this post are unedited comments made by Guillen following this evening's loss to the Texas Rangers (7/21). The MP3 runs approximately 4:30. Ozzie addresses 'the slump', team confidence, a team meeting following the game, poor fundamentals, poor execution, the Buehrle performance, pitching woes, baserunning blunders, the status of Scotty, and yes, even the light at the end of the tunnel. Sox fans: admittedly this team is in poor shape at the moment and there is a strong case for concern. I am not, nor have I ever been an apologist for this team. I fully comprehend bad baseball when I see it. However, these 25 men and their coaching staff know nothing but 'fight.' The leaders in this clubhouse demand excellence, and a continuation of this team's play of late will NOT be tolerated by anyone involved in this organization. Every man on this squad works hard, maintains focus, and refuses to accept mediocrity. To the persistent dark clouds that linger on a daily basis throughout this forum, know this: this team is too coherent and driven to fizzle without a battle. The fire is still there. The confidence in the clubhouse -- not waning. I can all but guarantee a resurgence in this squad's play throughout the remaining two months of the season. Whether it will be enough, or too little too late -- only time will tell. However, we owe these gentlemen a vote of confidence and backing for the remainder of the season regardless of the outcome. Keep the faith. They will reward you. And you all deserve to be on board when they do.

Embedded below is a link to the audio. You must replace the "xx" in "hxxp" with a "tt" so as to make it "http". Then copy and paste the link in its entirety into your browser window. The file is relatively small at 1.6 mb. In the future I will include player audio as well, however, I am a bit short on time this morning. Enjoy guys. And best of luck to Freddy and the boys this evening.

hxxp://www.sendspace.com/file/5s5bhx (http://www.sendspace.com/file/5s5bhx)

07-22-2006, 08:32 AM
Very interesting. I laughed when Ozzie explained that the team meeting included "everybody -- the players, coaches, trainers, my kids, and security." He doesn't sound mad, though, he sounds serious and concerned.