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07-19-2006, 10:31 PM
Last year on this date the White Sox had a 12 game lead over Minnesota and 15 game lead over Cleveland.. That lead would eventually swell to 15 games on August 1st!!! As we all remember, the division lead got down to just 1.5 games over Cleveland in late September.

Right now on July 19th, 2006 we have a 4.5 game deficit with 13 games still left vs. Detroit and 69 overall. Boston is breathing down our necks. New York is right behind us. Heck, even Minnesota (who is hot again) is only 5 games back of us.

I'll admit that it's certainly uncomfortable, and it's certainly not where I wanted the Sox to be at this point of the season. HOWEVER, as you can see as evidenced in the inital part of this post there are still A TON of games left to swing this season. And I as mentioned above as well, The Sox and Tigers still play 13 more times. I'm not saying it's gonna happen but deep down you know the Sox are talented enough to still win this division and best overall record by 6-7 games. Cleveland made up 13 games on us over a 50 game stretch !!! We have 69 games left to play this year. A lot can happen.

The starting pitching staff last season went into a pretty funk to at pone point. They righted the ship and ended up being unbelievable down the stretch. I think the Sox starting pitching still has another stretch of good, solid pitching in them. And it can happen in October still.

I look at it like this. If the White Sox are truly a great team then they will pull through, make the playoffs, and do some damage in the playoffs. And maybe, just maybe, win the whole damn thing again!!!! All we can do is watch and hope for the best.

I truly see the White Sox as a regular postseason participant. I think the White Sox organization...right now....has the personnel and leadership at the top to keep us in the upper echelon of MLB teams consistently. We can put together another postseason run.

I think we'll still win this division in the end. Some how, some way, the Sox are gonna come out on top at the end of this damn season. Once we get into the playoffs.....let it ride! I'll take my chances. We can put together another postseason run. The Sox are still wild card leaders right now. All is good. The Sox will win the division to make the playoffs and possibly win the World Series. Just know this.

07-19-2006, 10:34 PM
Well....I was thinking of posting something, but who the hell is that babe :bandance: in your siggy line?

Dude, we will be watching from the sidelines this year ... just my view.