View Full Version : Farm System

02-14-2002, 04:59 PM
When I hear and read about all of the impressive players in the minor league pipeline, I can't help but be excited and optimistic about the future. But I can't help but wonder how realistic it is to think that that enough of that talent will actually pan out to make the Sox a legit contender. Does anyone out there know how the Sox farm system now compares to the Sox farm system at other points in time over the last 30 years? If I recall, in the late '70's/early '80's, there was a lot of build up about young arms in the system (e.g., Brit Burns, Ross Baumgarten, Ken Kravec, Steve Trout), and the same was true in the early '90s (Fernandez, Alvarez, Baldwin, Ruffcorn). Obviously, although the system has produced some good players and good teams, they haven't produced a title. I guess my question is, are we truly in a better position now than we have been in the past, or are we all just deluding ourselves that the Farm system we have now is so good that it has a real shot to get us over the hump we haven't been over in so many, many years?