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06-30-2006, 10:48 PM
Last night (Thursday night, Friday morning) I was drinking at the bar in the Westin hotel in Pittsburgh when I got to talking with someone that works for the Tigers front office (Detroit just got into town that day for a series with the Pirates). I don't know who it was but he was friendly with a few of the Tigers who knew him and came over to say hi to him. Before I even told him that I was a Sox fan we were talking about Detroit's improvement this year and how big a part Leyland plays in all of it. Anyways, he mentioned that the Kitties are going to make a huge push to try and get Smoltz because of Maroth's injury. I then revealed that I was a Sox fan and he looked very surprised and seemed to not want to discuss much more. I wish that I didn't tell him about my Sox allegence because this guy was hammered and probably would have gone on and on about the Tigers and what they would like to do.

I realize this falls into the realm of "I overheard Kenny Williams on his cell phone at an Arizona airport" but I just thought I'd share.

07-01-2006, 04:10 AM
Did you read this thread?


I'm not saying the rumors aren't true. However, they really aren't new.

Funny thing about people you meet in bars who talk about inside stuff. I don't go to bars, so maybe I wouldn't know specifically about that, but in the 1970s, my father hired a former executive with Alice Cooper's record company who insisted that Alice Cooper used to be Eddie Haskell.

07-01-2006, 11:31 AM
I didn't say this was news. I was only relaying my own personal experience with someone in the Tiger organization.