View Full Version : From where I see it: Pre-ST 2002

02-11-2002, 01:13 PM
There's a few defintions of a baseball fan, all depending when you feel that the season truely begins and you follow it like some sort of cult.

Bandwagoners - Thise who watch the World Seires, only so they can find out witch hat to wear the next season. Please, do you think that many people are actully Yankee or Diamondback fans around Chicago.

Fair-Weather - They only watch part of the season, and only if their teamis winning. They can name the big names, but not all 25 players.

Faithful - Watch, or at least try to for the season, and can name about 20 players.

Die-hard - Can name all 25 players, plus some of the top prospects. For them the season begins with Spring Training.

Insanely hardcore "Dear God do we ever need a life"-ers - Those whom the season never really ends and can go on about all of our prospects. For them the season begins with the pitchers and catchers report in Feburary.

Needless to say, we fit into this last group. This is the time of year that we sit back and speculate on what our team will do this upcoming season, and lately, we've been kind of wrong. In 2000 none of us felt that we would lead the AL in wins, only to be knocked out in in the first round against the team that would win 116 games the following year. In 2001, We all thought that this was it, this was the season, and well.. we all know how that went.

So, without further adiu, I'll give you what I think will happen to the Sox.

We'll lose 100 games, KC will win the division, Royce Clayton will hit the Triple Crown, and it'll be a Pirates/Devil Rays World Series.

So, by saying that, the opposite should happen and what will happen it what I truely think will happen:

This is our year, and not our year. This is our year to asert ourselfs as being the new powerhouse year in and year out, as the Indians asert themselves as the divison's b1tch year in and year out. We will probably make it a fair distance in the playoffs, however, this s not our year to take it all. That will happen soon though. By saying that we will take the divison isn't going out on much of a limb though. The Indians, Royals, and Tigers are sad sad sad teams. The Twins provide some sort of competetion, however if we remain healthy, and everything pans out like it does on paper, they will be a distant second place.

So, in another amazinf "duh" statement, how well this team does depends on how healthy we are. Our new big gun in Lofton has had a history of problems, right up until last season, howeer his second half numbers show great improvemnt, and he says he's healthy. Big Frank is back, and is 100% according to him. Our injury riddled pitching staff is back, more or less. Parque is iffy at the moment, but traininers say that Wunch, Osuna, and Howry are ready to go. And does anyone have info on Biddle? If all of them can come back at at least 95%, then we should be fine, baring any more injures to key players, of course.

So, the season looks like it should be a fun one, just not THE one.

- Pete