View Full Version : *Official (sort of) Road Trip to Anaheim, Sept. 11-13

06-29-2006, 07:48 PM
Okay, let's get as specific as we can. Here's the preliminary plan. A joint Ariz./SoCal./anyone else gathering.

I and 3-4 other Arizonans are thinking it would be fun to drive up on the morning of Tuesday the 12th, check into a motel somewhere, tailgate with our SoCal brethren, catch the game, crash that night, catch the day game on Wednesday the 12th, and either crash once again or drive home after the game (predicated on whether anyone is sober enough to drive).

Arizonans: anyone else up for this? If we can get eight people, we'd rent a van. I know it's a weekday series, but still....

SoCal: C'mon, you guys! When I go to Ticketmaster, I get the ol' "obstructed view" message. What does that mean, and would we be better off ordering our tickets through you guys?

Chicagoans: Any of ya going? Or thinking about it?

Accomodations: Wide open. IIRC, room rates in SoCal suck. But if we can pull together some sort of suite thing--e.g., two-three bedrooms and a couple of pullout couches--that would be good.