View Full Version : Good article that points out why Crawford is staying put

06-24-2006, 11:19 AM

Frater Perdurabo
06-24-2006, 08:42 PM
Thanks for the article. I don't think he's going anywhere, either, at least as long as the Devil Rays have him signed to a bargain contract.

Although they aren't exactly the same player, Carl Crawford may be the 2000s answer to Rickey Henderson. Obviously he hasn't stolen 130 bases in one season (like Henderson did in 1982), but then again, it's a much different game in 2006 than it was in 1982. But then look at these numbers:

In his first four seasons, Henderson had 2269 plate appearances and generated 553 hits, 331 walks, 77 doubles, 18 triples, 26 homers, 319 steals, 101 caught stealing (76% success rate), 744 total bases and a .291 average.

In his first four seasons, Crawford had 2298 (29 more) plate appearances and generated 623 hits (70 more), 97 walks (234 fewer), 88 doubles (11 more), 49 triples (31 more), 33 homers (7 more), 169 steals (150 fewer), 38 caught stealing (63 fewer, 81% success rate), 908 total bases (164 more) and a .289 average.

Obviously Crawford is less patient at the plate but has a lot more power and speed after making contact (look at those triples numbers!).

Smaller parks might help explain Crawford's higher HR totals. But playing in smaller parks he - counterintuitively - has generated more than twice as many triples!

Some have said that Rickey Henderson was the greatest leadoff hitter of his generation, but that he also would have been the best #3 hitter of his generation if he were to hit third. Crawford may not be an ideal leadoff hitter with his lack of patience at the plate, but he might blossom into a Hall of Fame #3 hitter with leadoff hitter speed. Imagine if he learned plate discipline and raised his OBP (Crawford's OBP so far is .321; for his career Henderson had a .401 OBP).

And the Devil Rays would trade him why?

06-24-2006, 10:15 PM
My only response to that is::whiner: :whiner: :whiner: