View Full Version : Interview with Jay Marshall of the W-S Warthogs

06-15-2006, 06:21 PM
. . . excerpted from the ‘Hogs weekly newsletter.

Q: Last year you were playing ball in Montana, tell me what that was like, the fans, the community environment and so forth?

A: Great Falls is a real nice place to play. There’s a lot of fans every game and the ball travels really well up there in thin air. Not good for a pitcher though of course.

Q: The first thing people tend to notice out there is your delivery. How did that all start and how’d you become an underhand lefty?

A: Last year when I was in extended spring training, they decided, "Hey, let’s try and drop this guy down," and ever since then, I’ve taken off with it and it’s progressed real well for me.

Q: Is that something you’ve done before or just something they wanted to try with you?

A: I was just kind of struggling up top and they decided to drop me down and I did the first day and haven’t looked back since.

Q: How about being a reliever and so forth? High school days or even early pro’s, were you ever a starter or how did that transition happen?

A: My first two years of pro ball I was a starter. I started all my life and then last year was my first year of relieving and I really liked it.