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06-12-2006, 06:07 PM
Tell about the strangest place you have met a Sox fan!
For me, it is Rota, Spain. I'm here because of the military and was having a couple of beers when I thought I saw this older gent wearing a World Series Ball Cap similar to the one I have. He was just passing through and I certainly didn't want to bother the senor if in fact I was wrong about what I had seen so I calmly got up and jogged ahead and to the side of the man, making sure I was in no way bothering him and then turned and saw that it was the hat I saw. The man was on a DDG ( Guided Missile Destroyer) in 1959 during the last World Series and I told him where I was during most of the last season (on an LHA) and that I was lucky enough to catch games 1 and 2 of the divisional series and game 1 of the World Series in person. We exchanged pleasantries that only sailors would understand and he declined a free beer (such an offer is misunderstood in many cultures, ha) and told me to look him up when I was passing through again.
I never thought I would run into a Sox fan in Spain. It was the highlight of the trip, by far. It beat the bullfight and the Hemingway tour (if you would like to know more, PM me) but I did and my buddies figured me for a nut for talking to a complete stranger like he was my father. Who he could have been! The age, the team alliance, etc... So I was wondering, where is the strangest place you have met a fellow die-hard?