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06-10-2006, 05:28 AM
Ive been able to get in touch with two players coaches whom we drafted. Here's there scouting reports on them.

On David Wasylak by his coach John Bimmerle(a NW suberb of Chicago native)

Dave is a great kid that has worked very hard the last year to get
this opportunity! He has a fastball that will approach the 90 mark and has
GREAT movement on his fastball. He throws a hard slider as well that is
still developing but can be really nasty when it is on. He has a
relievers mentality and really enjoys being in the game when it matters most.
He will take the ball every day you give it to him and will be begging
for it on the days where you try to give him a little time off. He will
induce a ton of groundballs and i really think when he gets up against
wood bats he will saw some Right handers off. He will go down as one of
my favorites that i have coached, he is a goofy kid, but he loves to
play the game and toe the rubber.

I am a cubs fan having grown up in the northwest suburbs but
my dad and brother claim the white sox for some reason, so i have to
say that cubs fans are easily the best!!!!

Sounds like arubber armed kid, and a real gamer. Even though he is a Cubs fan, he said he would be checking us and Futuresox out for some updates on David.
We signed David yesterday... Here's the link


To add something, I noticed from the picture of him on this page, he appears to throw from the side, so I e-mailed John back, and sure enough he said "David throws from a low 3/4 to sidearm, and moves the slot around some."

On Jacob Petricka from his coach Rick Rost.

I think Jacob was drafted mainly on his potential. He is 6-4, very
slender at 170, just turned 18 years old this week and he has hit 90
MPH. I think the White Sox feel he still has alot of room for growth
as he continues to physically mature. He still has alot of work to do
on his consistency,competitiveness, composure and mound presence. As of
now he is planning on attending Iowa Western C.C. in Coucil Bluffs,
Iowa. Hopefully, they can continue to help him with some of these
things. I wish him and the White Sox the best.
Made it sound like Jacob will be going to CC to work up his stock and possibly sign with us as a DFE.