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www.deepdiscountdvd.com (http://www.whitesoxinteractive.com/vbulletin/www.deepdiscountdvd.com) is running their bi-annual 20% off sale. They have the best price available that I have seen for the WS DVD Collection. I have been waiting for this sale in order to buy the DVDs. It is regularly $41.27, and with the 20% off, it is $33.57 with free shipping and after tax an even $36.00 Just thought I'd let you all know who don't have it. Here is a direct link to the collection of dvds:

Enter the code DVDTALK in your shopping cart to get the 20% off applied.

Note: This applies to almost everything on their site. It's a pretty good deal. Other sox related DVDs include the World Series DVD for $9.56 +tax, Field of Dreams for $6.82 +tax, and Eight Men Out for $7.53 +tax after the discount is applied.

The sale is good until June 17th.

A couple of notes on DeepDiscountDVD regarding their shipping: It can vary in times. Most orders are received in the normal time frame from ordering from the internet. This is a very busy time frame for them though, as they do a lot of business with the 20% off sale, so things can take a little while longer. I wouldn't order it if you need it immediately, but if you have no problem perhaps waiting an extra week or two to save the money, it's a great deal.

Also, the coupon code is only good for one order per person from what I know, but if you would like to place multiple orders, there's other codes out there that work and I can scrounge one up for you.

EDIT: If you are outside of Illinois, sales tax does not apply, so you can get it for $33.57

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