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02-05-2002, 05:28 AM
I was just looking over the various links for salary next year and we are going to have alot of room to play with even with the JR cap in effect

We lose:
Sandy 2.4 million
Royce 4.0-4.5
Ray 6.3(?)
Lofton 2.0(roughly with incentives)
Howry(my guess is that this is his last year with the Sox 1.75)
Eldreds buyout no longer there 250 K
Embrees buyout nop longer there 300 K
Wells buyout no longer there 1.25 million
Perry's salary(granted its not on the 2001 team either) 1 million
Total: 17.95 million or so
Add On:
Hummel, Borchard 500 K?(Borchards 5.3 bonus has already been figured in so the only add on money is when his mlb pay comes on)
Foulke 2.0 raise
Mags 2.5 raise
Lee 1.5 raise
Add-On:6 million

And Konerko is arbitration eligible, so I'm guessing that C. Lee and Konerkos future with the Sox will be decieded this year.....If C. Lee turns it around he could still be trade bait, or maybe be moved to First as with the extra 11 million or so we have I could see us making a run at a guy like Erstad to play CF or lead-off. Or going to the Future big time with Hummel at 2B, Borchard in RF, Willie Harris in CF(he will get a real shot to play here as he is one of KW's boys now). We have a lot of options coming up position player wise and that 11 million will be spent somehwere, be it on an Erstad type, or a starting pitcher, or if the kids pan out then maybe just reupping our guys.........

All in all its a good time to be a Sox fan....I see no real reason we shouldn't be a solid, championship/division contender year in and year out for the better part of a decade(Say it to yourself...soothes the soul)