View Full Version : Dead Man Vs. LTP

05-28-2006, 11:19 AM
Just thought I'd through this out there for all of the stats vs. tools guys...

Jeremy "Not Dead yet" Reed isn't exactly lighting it up for Seattle. He has struck out 20 times with only 7 walks in 39 games this season. He's only got 2 HR is 2/4 on SB and has a scintillating .212 BA and .632 OPS for the season. The only redeeming factors in his stats is the 4 triples he has hit and 25 R he has scored.


Meanwhile in Florida...

Joe "LTP" Borchard while only hitting .209 for the Marlins in 22 games has managed to hit 4 HR and drive in 14 with a much more respectable 10/13 BB/K ratio. He has managed to produce a .321 OBP and a .709 OPS.


Obviously the sample size is low, but I for one would love to see LTP show he can produce in the bigs on some level. Come on Joe, stick it to the FOBBs one more time...

05-28-2006, 07:01 PM
This seems like a situation where both the stats and tools guys were horribly horribly wrong.

I still get slightly disturbed by the fact that Borchard never really hits doubles. He's sitting on zero right now in that big florida stadium. He gets singles and a fair amount of homers but his doubles totals are always a bit low, at least the last few years. This contributes to a bizzarely low slugging percentage for a guy with his power.

Reed slugging .374
Borchard slugging .354 (.371 in Florida)

Nice to see Borchard is finally showing a little patience though. Like that walk total.