View Full Version : Missed ALL 3 GAMES! What's the best article from the CTA Series?

05-22-2006, 09:50 AM
I was in Philly/NYC during the 2006 CTA Series and didn't get to watch a single INNING of a single GAME. Based on ESPN and every major media outlet, I missed one hell of an action-packed weekend.

I can't imagine the euphoria in Comiskey when Tad Iguchi belted the grand slam following the bench-clearing brawl. I can't imagine the reaction of the players & fans when Pierzynski gave Zambrano a taste of his own medicine.

Anyway, I was looking to read an article that really captured the emotion and events of the 2006 CTA Series. What's the best article you've read that almost makes you feel goosebumps when reflecting on this titanic clash?

Seems like the Sox made a lot of continued progress in their quest of recapturing the City of Chicago.