View Full Version : Today's Score White Sox show?

05-20-2006, 11:32 AM
I am listening to a guy that right up front has said he is a cub fan rooting for the cubs hosting this White Sox Weekly show on the Sox Flagship Station and it bugs me a little that all he can talk about are the cubs on this White Sox show.

I know Olken is just filling in for Ranger but I just find it surprising that either he would shut up about the cubs for a couple of hours while hosting a white sox show or that they could not find at least a nuetral guy to do the show.

It has been about 90 minutes of bitching and moaning about his fav team so far. I know it is petty on my part but it just kind of bugs me when I consider Wills and Dolgin on am1000 handling these types of shows in the past. And I also wonder if WGN Radio would ever have an admitted Sox fan doing pre-game for the cubs. What did irritate me was when he was interiviewing Javy he asked him if he would throw at Frank Thomas this week. Like Frank was a bad guy that needed to get hit or something! Of course Javy said he would work him inside cuz that is how you have to pitch frank - screw you olken.

I realize this is old territory and is boring- I am just venting while killing time before the game.

Go Sox. Go Freddie.