View Full Version : Johnson blaming Posada ??

05-20-2006, 08:46 AM
I watched this evolve last night, it appeared Posada may have had enought of Johnson's criticism and removed himself from the game. Is Torre losing control of the yankmees?

From Newsday:

So when the Yankees took the field for the bottom of the second, Johnson was still out there but Posada was not. In his place was light-hitting Kelly Stinnett.

Had Johnson dismissed Posada for the evening, deciding that the cause of his problems on the mound was actually located 60 feet, six inches in front of him?

(The fact that we're even asking this question, of course, is all the proof you need that as a Yankee, Johnson has gone from major domo to prima donna).

Nothing of the kind, we are assured. Two innings later, it was announced that Posada had left the game because of "tightness in his back."

His status was described as day-to-day, meaning he will probably be OK to play Saturday and is unlikely to suffer a flare-up until perhaps Wednesday in Boston, when Johnson is scheduled to make his next start.